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Campaign Journal Entry: 001

Velus (Feb) 17th 1130

The day starts at the home of Friar Javonis, the party have just escorted him from the battlefield near Butchery Hill past the Vaingorian Army to his home in the city of Vitruvia

The party Consists of Sir Quartz, Micah, Sir Feldspar, Leopold

met up with Shlas’tk, Felix Varius, Blix, Red Bear, Blasmar who had been campaigning in the wild wood forest against Minotaur Slavers who had been enslaving locals and selling them to the slave markets in Vitruvia and Rabishu. There was a powerful Druid there working with the Minotaurs who they were unable to defeat.

They found that worshipers of Ahriman were taking children slaves in a plan to open a portal to free some demon.

They had discovered that the Fermier General of Gresele, Gerard Boneux was a cultist of Ahriman working to free the demon. They confronted him he was stopped in his plan to summon the demon, but he escaped.

The armys of Onland have been ordered to a crusade about 250 miles away to the north, at Ha’th, where the High-Priest of Ahriman is believed to be holed up.

The party left the city with the addition of Shlas’tk and Blasmar via the same secret way they had used to slip into the city. But upon exiting the city they found their horses had been stolen.

Blasmar whipped up some phantom steeds for the party and we proceeded back towards the Dramborian encampment near Butchery Hill.

On the way they party encountered four Vangorian Infantry moving on the road. Sir Quartz killed 2, Micah killed another and Leopold got 1.

As Leopold was searching the bodies a huge rumbling began underground which was followed a few moments later by a massive volcanic eruption back in the direction of Vitruvia. That placed it close to the far edge of the city and about 5 miles from the party.

The party mounted and resumed moving back to camp when a few moments later they were stunned to see a gigantic, mile long winged lizard, that Blasmar identified as a Dragon fly up out of the erupting volcano and fly off to the North-East.

As the party reached Butchery Hill they where aghast to discover that fully 90% of the Dramborian and Vangorian armys had been decimated by the 36 hour long battle they had left in the middle of. Never before had any of them witnessed the wholesale slaughter and loss of life that surrounded them in every direction.

Of the 30,000 strong Dramborian army the king had led here only 3,000 now survived!!

This site of the monstrous Dragon had apparently sent the small remaining Dramborian and Vangorian Armys into a panic. The party made its way back to the Dramborian command position. Sir Quartz recognized the heraldry of The Duke of Koln and went to report into him.

As they approached all were shocked to see the body of Combard Tarrant the King of Drambor laid out on a table, dead. Strom Krondor, the The Duke of Koln had taken charge and ordered Quartz to get control of the left flank of the army and pull them back to a regrouping area on the top of a small rise some 1 1/2 miles to the south.

After riding back and forth all afternoon into the night rallying the troops and getting the terrified, bone tired and utterly disheartened troops back the the staging area Quartz reported in and collapsed into unconsciousness.

In a heroic effort of stamina and skill as a physician Leopold stayed up for an additional 5 hours treating the wounded and maimed, and single-handedly saved the lives of close to 100 troops that would have otherwise perished before morning.

In the morning after only a few hours sleep for Leopold and a few more then that for Quartz they set off back to Butchery Hill where they encountered Bugman Eradyne, the Earl of Oakhurst who told them a temporary cease fire had been signed with the Vangorians and so Leopold set up a forward triage and hospital and Quartz rounded up wounded, and took charge of the capable solders to act as construction for the hospital, litter bearers or anything else that was needed to save as many lives as possible. Again Leopold showed amazing skill and stamina as a battlefield physician and saved fully 2,000 more troops before the main surgical core made its way up from the rear.

During the recovery of the wounded and the checking of the fallen Quartz had been taking a tally of men of nobility who were among the dead often identifiable only by there heraldry. It was in this way that he was the one who Discovered his own father Eardulf Koll ap Edwin the Knight Marshal of Koln’s forces, dead on the battlefield.

Quartz and Feldspar bore their fathers body from the field back to the command area.

That evening the Duke of Koln invited the party to dine with him and that he had invited the Vangorian general Ten Rex and his commanders to dine with them. It turns out that Ten Rex was actually a human slave. Some of his officers were snake men. A very tense meal managed to occur without incident. Ten Rex was openly impressed with the courage and fighting ability of the Dramborians and there King. And Quartz got the distinct impression that the general would rather not have fought on the side of Alsace against Drambor if the choice had been his.

Information of note

+ Drambor has lost 90% of its working age men, famine and collapse of civil and economic society are very much a pressing possibility

+ Drambor had a army in the south led by the Crown Prince (Quartz’s Older Brother Topaz was also in this force), it disappeared 5 months ago leaving the nation with no crown prince and no defense of it’s southern border.

+ The third son, a 16 year old back in the capitol will likely need to take up the crown or at least a regency position.

+ The closest source of food for Drambor may be the dwarves of Kubitokuni. They have extra grain but have not traditionally exported it, but may be persuaded to.

+ The Hobbit lands of Brill are massive food exporters but are closer to Alsace then Drambor

+ With Topaz missing and his Father Dead, Sir Quartz may have to take up the mantle of Earl and tend to his own people and lands.

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CJ 1

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