Dramborean Government Officials

King (Vacant)

Steward Royal/Royal Regent (Duke Strom Krondor III ap Strom of Koln)

Crown Prince Sandur Tarrant II (ap Sandur)

Prince Crassmor Tarrant ap Combard)

Prince Eardric Tarrant ap Combard)

The Chamber

Lord High Chamberlain (Earl Haynet Wystan ap Rhodri)

Lord Master Herald (Thane Cadfric Ozwell)

Royal Heralds


Senechal of the Chamber (Thane Acgthold Lionet)

Royal Chef (Lord Aedinwëard of Elbert)

Master of the Cellars (Lord Cëomwig of Berenod)

Wine Steward (Lord Onnuuif of Koln)

Royal Foodtaster (Lord Eameyt of Koln)

Chief Butler (Lord Wëoring of Koln)

Chamber Serfs

Royal Physician (Lord Aetherus Udrald)

Deputy Physician (Lord Wëodwëald Octa)

Master of the Hunt (Lord Adwin of Koln)

Master of Gryffons (Lord Umgar Hob)

Falconer Royal (Lord Arwinë Edda)

Master of the Hounds (Lord Wilsulf Wulfric)

Lord Master Wizard (Lord Burglecutt Fretter)

Alchemist Royal (Lord Nightshade)

Astrologer Royal (Lord Poffin-Bert Bellyjiggle)

Prior Royal (Cantor Ermond of Culius)

Master of Archives (Prior Cwenricht of Durddwynn)

Master of Acolytes (Prior Dëonwelcë Hlothere)

Master of Fighting Orders (Friar Gildhelm of Arthelm)

Master of Canexes (Prior Ongwëald of Iswald)

Master of Culius (Pastor Aelger Olred)

Master of Draemia (Prior Radling Sigberct of Wugan)

Master of Llynfwyr (Prior Cadwallon ap Gwriad of Gwyllan)

Chief Bard of the Chamber (Lord Audyne Kinus)

Harper Royal (Lady Beynn Heberald)

Horner Royal (Lord Vilugan Curflan)

Drummer Royal (Lord Swostard of Derel)

Master of Dance (Lord Ham-Bogen of Miryn)

Mistress of Song (Lady Etilda Uilfrid of Leward)

The Chancery

Lord High Chancellor (Earl Culwine Wilfstard ap Osborne)

Lord Chief Justice (Thane Erbida Isgar)

Shire Reeves of the Realm

Bailiffs of the Shire Moot

Lord Advocate (Thane Ogar Baldrucus)

Chancery Advocates

Inquisitor General (Lord Bëolfred Lyonis)

Chief Executioner (Lord Salflic Olbery)

Royal Agents

Keeper of the Rolls (Lord Hraherë Stanburch)

Lord Privy Seal (Earl Bint Tarrant ap Wogan – Earl of Kelinard)

Chief Clerk Chancery (Lord Ocsulf Koll)

Chancery Clerks

Lord Ranger of the Forrest (Lord Onwald Fuldward)

Royal Rangers

The Exchequer

Chancellor of the Exchequer (Thane Eadgelhelm Remar ap Wilfrid)

Treasurer of the Exchequer (Lord Belon Gyr)

Governor Royal Mint (Lord Wirdhelm Baldewyn)

Royal Engravers

Royal Tax Assayer (Lord Bethëard Milborough)

Assayer General Edhed Milborough)

Tax Assayers

Royal Tax Collector (Lord Brelhëard Algor)

Collector General (Lord Waegthulf Ealdwine)

Toll Collectors

Tax Collectors

Exchequer General (Lord Sardwulf Oseberne)

Inspector of Public Works (Lord Hererwëald Godwin)

Chief Architect (Lord Sebrulf Hob)

Royal Mason (Lord Hilpred of Borth)

Chief Engineer (Lord Wictrulf Godric)

Chief Sapper (Lord Wonald Athelstan)

Master Chief Bridge Builder: (Lord Cellfrard of Gaudin)

Harbormaster General (Lord Begunuert of Ziefert)

Chief Clerk Exchequer (Lord Aelbin Athelflaed)

Exchequer Clerks

The Guard

Lord Protector Royal (Earl Wilward Redwulf ap Huw) h5. Captain of the Guard (Thane Heregan Easternmund)

Knight Commanders

Knight Captains

Knights of the Guard

Captain of the Palace (Thane Aetha Krondor)

Knights Protectors Royal

Captain of the Chalice (Thane Henfred Elred)

Knights of the Chalice

Master of Squires (Lord Hilfrith Wynemund)


Smith Royal (Lord Eädwyn of Koln)

Chief Master Weaponsmith (Lord Bëolfwig of Canexes)

Chief Master Armorsmith (Lord Thildrith of Gollin)

Chief Master Bowyer (Lord Cëordulf of Koln)

Chief Master Fletcher (Lord Haeberth of Coldwin)

Ostler Royal (Lord Eällfrith of Koln)

Master of the Kings Stables (Vacant)

The Legion

Lord High Marshal ( Earl Elnus Stanburch ap Cuthbert of Bonwait )

Inspector General of the Legion (Thane Aenhed Milborough ap Aethelwine)
Lord Marshal of Baleconia ( Thane Llywelyn Arthfael ap Llywelyn )
Lord Marshal of Borth (Prince Eardric Tarrant ap Combard)
Lord Marshal of Brethyr (Thane Owain Cadell ap Hywel)
Lord Marshal of Comullon (Thane Hurwig Roldwald)
Lord Marshal of Koln (Thane Withhelm Baldewyn ap Osyth)
Lord Marshal of Wydig (Duke Lar Nyfwich)

Dramborean Government Officials

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