Full Name of Nation: The Kubitokuni Empire
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Location: The western Kyda & Gondal mountains, The eastern Azoriea mountains, the southern Kiiru river valley
Area – comparative: 52,170 sq.mi.
Border countries: Straken, Demonbrand, Rabishu, Ha’th, Krakul
Climate: Wet, Temperate to cold.
Terrain: Mountains & forested hills.
Natural resources: Metals, lumber.
Irrigated land: 13,042 sq.mi.
Natural hazards: Flooding, mud-slides, avalanche, earthquakes, Demons from Demonbrand, Humanoid tribes of the Kyda, Gondal & Azoriea mountains, rocs, dire animals
Population: 2,608,500
Ethnic groups: 96% Dwarven, 3% Gnome, 1% Other
Religions: 98% Shinjo (State Religion), 2% Orthodox Church of Onn
Languages: 100% Dwarven (National Language), 28% – Hammertalk, 12% – Old Dwarven
Government type: Military Dictatorship
Ruler: Shogun Ganjono Kabuto ‘Tetsu-sensei’
Capital: Tsurushiru
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Agriculture – products: Rice
Industries: Mining, metalsmithing
Exports: Raw metals, unfinished weapons
Exports – partners: Vitruvia, Rabishu, Vangor, Alsace, Vestgate, Krakul, Silvercrest
Imports: Fruit & vegetables, hogs, manufactured goods, leather goods, pottery, textiles, oil, silk, wool, salt, tobbaco
Imports – partners: Vitruvia, Rabishu, Vangor, Alsace, Vestgate, Krakul, Silvercrest
Military: Feudal Samurai, Bushi, Sohei (Warrior Monks)

The Kubitokuni Empire is also known as Zwergewald (literally “dwarf land”). This term is commonly used by outsiders, but is considered derogatory by the dwarves themselves.

Kubitokuni is a fragmented and chaotic land. The emperors have not held true power for more than a milennia. Instead, the empire was controlled by the Kiirumori Shogunate and the imperial family was little more than a figurehead. Since the fall of the shogunate eighty years ago the power and independence of the daimyos has increased to the point that now, each daimyo has almost complete authority. These lords frequently go to war with one another, although the last ten years have been a time of relative peace. But with the recent assassination of the Empress, things are bound to flame back up soon.

In spite of the never ending clash of arms, the past seventy years has been an era of economic growth. The demands of war spurred the expansion of trade throughout Onland, which had been officially cut off by the Shogun after the invasion of the empire by Corborg of Vrad two hundred years ago.

Along with the expansion of trade came a new cultural vigor. Literature and the arts have flourished, and new monasteries have sprung up all throughout the lands.


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