Full Name of Nation: The Zhu-Khanate of Rabishu
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Location: North-central Onland. Between the Upper Ulga and Virinian rivers
Area – comparative: 16,951 sq.mi.
Border countries: Demonbrand, Drambor, Vitruvia, Vangor, Ha’th, Kubitokuni
Climate: Temperate to cold
Terrain: Mixed (forest, plains, hills, mountain)
Natural resources: Agriculture, livestock, timber, fish
Irrigated land: 3,390 sq.mi.
Natural hazards: Demons from demonbrand, humanoid tribes, harpys, dire animals, krenshar, manticore
Population: 847,550
Ethnic groups: 60% Human, 5% – Gnoll, 22% Goblin, 9% – Half-Ogre, 2% – Rakasta, 2% – Other
Religions: 57% – Orthodox Church of Onn (State Religion), 12% – Theosophical, 1% – Zurvanite, 5% – Gnoll Pantheon, 13% – Temple of Maglubiet, 9% – Temple of Hruggek, 2% – Druidic, 1% – Temple of Koovea
Languages: 78% – Carceric (National Language), 46% – Goblin, 12% – Ogre, 9% – Vitruvean, 8% – Gnoll, 7% – Abyssal, 17% – Black Speech, 2% – Rakis
Government type: Feudal Monarchy
Ruler: The Zhu-Khan, Tzar Ivan Ilitch
Capital: Rabishu
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Agriculture – products: Barley, fruit, grapes
Industries: Hunting & fishing, hogs, farming, chandling, winemaking
Exports: Hogs, fruit, candles, wine
Exports – partners: Vitruvia, Kubitokuni, Drambor, Vangor, Minotaurs
Imports: Weapons, manufactured goods, leather goods, metalwork, pottery, clothing, tapestry, horses, Slaves, Spice
Imports – partners: Vitruvia, Kubitokuni, Drambor, Vangor, Minotaurs
Military: The Boyars, Knights of Onn, Goblin Mercenaries, Gnoll Rangers

The lands of Rabishu are unforgiving. As Demonbrand’s favorite target for aggression, the people of Rabishu are necessarily accustomed to war. They are also accustomed to picking up and starting their lives anew every time their homes are overrun and burned. No one knows for sure why Demonbrand is so fixated on crushing the lands of Rabishu. Some whisper that it is because the lands of Rabishu are secretly controlled by powerful diabolic lords and that their aggression is merely an extension of the eternal blood wars. But it could also be the simple fact that Rabishu is their nearest neighbor.

Because of all of these factors, the people of Rabishu tend to be hard-hearted and cynical, but also relentless. A rabishan, once he has set his mind on a given course of action will never give up, no matter what obstacles are placed before him.

The lands of Rabishu are somewhat backwards by civilized standards. The Rabishans have learned that building permanent structures is a futile venture, thus most of their settlements are temporary in nature. Their buildings are typically simple sod huts, and their homes are little more than tents. Towns come and go so frequently that by the time a cartographer could complete a map of Rabishu it would be obsolete. As ones life may be ended prematurely by demon attack at any moment, and because permanent communities do not exist in Rabishu, the people tend to be self-centered, always looking out for their own best interests and rarely forming any strong bonds with their fellow countrymen. But even so, the life of a Rabishan citizen is not so bad.

Rabishu is a major importer of slaves. In fact, there are more slaves in Rabishu than free men by almost a factor of ten. Thus a free man in Rabishu, even one of the lowest station, has a life of relative leisure, so long as he is capable of keeping his thralls in line. These people are captured by raiding neighboring lands, purchased from Vangor or in recent times by trading with the minotaur. It is not an uncommon sight on the great highways these days to see convoys of chained thralls headed for Rabishu overseen by minotaur taskmasters.


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