Full Name of Nation: The Matriarchy of Sarand
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Location: X
Area – comparative: 11,230 sq.mi.
Border countries:
Climate: Temperate
Natural resources: X
Irrigated land: 6,177 sq.mi.
Natural hazards: X
Population: 477,400
Ethnic groups:
Languages: X
Government type:
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Agriculture – products: Hemp, jute & cacao
Industries: Sarand is a major producer of rope & chocolate.
Exports: Rope, hemp products & fine chocolate.
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Imports: Please type in the relevant Info here
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The people of Sarand do not follow the teachings of Onn. They are primarily Deordic and are the home of one of the three mother temples of Deord in Onland.

Sarand is also unique in that the men, instead of women, have no political standing. Governance of Sarand is traditionally by a council of female elders. Until marriage, males are subject to their mother’s will, and afterwards to their wives. Consequently, Sarand has traditionally had some difficulty in relations with foreign nations and thus strives to maintain neutrality and distance from foreign powers. Until recently, this has worked, but Sarand had no allies to call on for support when Bonecrusher came up from the central plains, and thus Sarand is now under occupation by Bonecrusher’s orc horde. Bonecrushers forces are besieged by the southern army of Drambor under the command of Crownprince Sandur.

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