Osthryd is the Grandfather who permeates all of creation. In fact, the world is Osthryd. The earth is his loin, the stars his eyes, the moon his head, the sun his heart. The light of Osthryd’s heart not only helps crops grow, it keeps the world warm and is the source of the primal fire. Everything is Osthryd; everything else is void.


In the beginning there was naught but darkness. Then there was Osthryd. He lived buried deep in the earth, but he was lonely and he cried. And his tears burrowed into the soil and a tree began to grow. And the tree was Oidilwine. And Osthryd was his father.

Osthryd and his son spent many eons together and walked the land. On and on, they went until they had walked from one end of world to the other and there was no place that was unknown to them.

One day Oidilwine came to his father and asked Osthryd to make him a brother to run and wrestle with. So Osthryd struck a rock with a pick, and there was a spark. And into the spark Osthryd poured the primal fire such that when the spark landed in the hay a great flame came forth. And this flame was Grimferth.

And Oidilwine leapt upon his brother with glee, his joy was so great. And the brothers wrestled together for many years before Grimferth won.

Grimferth was passionate. He loved to wrestle and run; even more so than his brother. So when Oidilwine told his brother about walking all the way across the world, Grimferth challenged him to a race; from one end of creation to the other. So they ran across the world, and again Grimferth won. He ran so fast that he set fire to everything that he passed. And the world was engulfed in flame.

So Oidilwine brought the rain and quenched the flame. And Osthryd said that even though Grimferth was stronger and faster, he had little control of his power and that it could thus be turned to destruction. Therefore, Oidilwin won the competition because he could use his power as he wished.

And Grimferth asked what should we give to Oidilwine as a trophy for his victory. And Osthryd decided to give Oidilwine a bride. He took a deep breath and when he exhaled, Waegwynn was born.

Soon they were married. And soon to, they had two sons; Garwict and Folcward. And then a daughter; Hygflaed.

She was beautiful. And Grimferth wanted her to be his bride, but she said that he did not love her. Grinferth was infuriated and cut off her head. And when Hygflaed died Ongenfrid was born.

Osthryd told Grimferth that that the had done his brother great injury and that he should make amends, so Grimferth offered to give his brother Ongenfrid, to replace the daughter that he had slain.

But Oidilwine did not want her. He said that Ongenfrid could never replace his Hygflaed, so he refused, and told Grimferth to keep her for himself.

And so it came to be that Grimferth raised Ongenfrid as his daughter. But Grimferth and Oidilwine have been enemies ever since.


Osthryd(Oz-thrid) aka The Creator, Soul of the Earth.

Portfolio: All of creation, earth. Osthryd is the grandfather of creation and his body is the universe. He is on good terms with all of his kin.

Oidilwine(Oy-dil-wine) aka The Soil Tiller, Rainlord.

Portfolio: Rain, Agriculture Oidilwine is married to Waegwynn and they have two sons; Garwict and Folcward with whom he is not particularly close. He was always most fond of his daughter, but she was slain by Grimferth. He therefore hates his brother and disdains his brother’s daughter Ongenfrid whom cannot compare to his own daughter.

Grimferth(Grim-Ferth) aka The Stormlord, Harthtender, The Dread Lord.

Portfolio: Fire, Lightning, Terror Grimferth is jealous of his brother Oidilwine. He feels that he should have won Oidilwine’s wife Waegwynn instead of his brother. He is very close to his daughter, Ongenfrid, but distances himself from his brother and brother’s family.

Waegwynn(Wī-gwĭn) aka The Wind Sprite, Cloud Maiden

Portfolio: Air, Breath, Wind Waegwynn also hates Grimferth for killing her daughter, but she has compassion and pity for Ongenfrid. She is particularly fond of her son Folcward.

Garwict(Gar-wikt) aka The Gamesman, The Silent Fisherman.

Portfolio: Animals, Hunting, Fishing Garwict is a loner. He is dispassionate towards the other gods, but sometimes is at odds with his father because Oidilwine forbade him to court Ongenfrid.

Folcward(Folk-word) aka The Cheerful Drinker, Strong Hand, The Brother

Portfolio: Fellowship, Community, Ale Folcward is on fair terms with all but Garwict and Ongenfrid. He is jealous of the affection that Garwict has for Ongenfrid.

Ongenfrid(On-gen-frid) aka The Curious Lady, The Death Maiden

Portfolio: Knowledge, Inquiry & Death Ongenfrid is faithful and obedient, but fearful of her father. She knows that he might kill her in a fit of rage if she disobeyed him, and thus goes along with his wishes. She is secretly in love with Garwict, but her father thinks that she is too good for him.


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