The Onland Campaign Guide - Chapter 1


In order to play the Onland Campaign, you only need the Players Handbook v3.5 and this Onland Campaign Guide. Selected material from other supplements may also used in the Onland Campaign but are not required;


To create a character for the Onland Campaign, follow the instructions in the Players Handbook v3.5 and the additional rules and options set forth in this Onland Campaign Guide.


We use a 34-point attribute buy to generate characters six ability scores in the Onland Campaign. Each of your character’s ability scores must be at least 8, and none can be higher than 20 although racial ability score modifiers may result in ability scores beyond these limits.

Onland Ability Costs Chart Cost Score Modifier 6 -2 7 -2 0 8 -I I 9 -I 2 10 +0 3 11 +0 4 12 +1 5 13 +1 6 14 +2 8 I5 +2 10 16 +3 13 17 +3 16 18 +4 19 19 +4 22 20 +5


Information on allowed races and classes are covered in their own chapters of this campaign guide.

Note that some races and classes have been modified from their original (published) form. Even if you are playing a character class from the Players Handbook, be sure to check the Onland Core Classes chapter of this Campaign Guide to ensure conformance with the Onland setting.

Particularly take note of the race/class restrictions. You may select any of the races listed this Onland Campaign Guide, but not all races are allowed access to all character classes. For example; in Onland, only Dwarves may be monks.

Refer to the Core Race-Class Matrix (Appendix #1) for permissable race-class combinations.


You gain maximum hit points for your class at 1st and 2nd level. For each level thereafter, you gain three-quarters of the maximum hit points available for that class, rounded down (this goes for animal companions, and familiars and mounts too). For example, a sorcerer gains 3 hit points and a fighter gains 7 hit points when they gain a level.

Characters in the Onland Campaign begin play at 2nd level. If you choose to start with a multiclassed character, be sure to note which level is your character’s first level, as this may affect starting skill points.

Note that some races have level adjustments. If your race has a level adjustment of +1, you will only begin with 1 class level. If your race has a level adjustment of +2, you will not begin with any class levels.


You may select feats for your character from the Players Handbook v3.5, Dungeon Master’s Guide v3.5 and Monster Manual v3.5 for which your character qualifies.

You may also select feats from other sources if they are listed in the feats chapter of this Campaign Guide.

Additionally, there are a number of new feats that you may choose.


• Your character begins play with one masterwork item. It may be one of the following; a weapon, armor, shield or class tool. • Your character also begins play with 100 gp to spend. • You may purchase any items from this Campaign Guide that are available in your home nation (refer to the equipment chapter).


A table setting forth the main religions for the Onland Campaign is provided in this Onland Campaign Guide.

Characters must belong to a religion appropriate to their race and culture. How truly devout they are is up to the player, but everyone must at least give lip service to the appropriate religion of their upbringing or face ostracism or worse.


Choose a height, weight and age for your character within the limits for your character’s race in this Onland Campaign Guide. Do not apply any ability score modifiers based on your character’s age.

Choose any alignment for your character. But note that alignments don’t work exactly the same way in the Onland Campaign as they do in the core rules. The alignment that you choose, strictly speaking, will only be used to help you define your character’s persona. It will have no effect on any alignment dependent game mechanic.

The Onland Campaign Guide - Chapter 1

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